Speedboat races across flooded rugby pitch in Kilmarnock

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Media captionSpeedboat ride on flooded rugby pitch in Ayrshire

A speedboat has been filmed speeding across a flooded rugby pitch following torrential rain in East Ayrshire.

The vessel’s driver made the most of inclement weather across the area near Kilmarnock Rugby Club on Queen’s Drive on Monday.

The grounds are within the River Irvine’s flood plain, which risked bursting its banks.

However, East Ayrshire Council said it managed to control water levels after 7,000 sand bags were deployed.

Resources were also sent in from neighbouring East Renfrewshire and North Ayrshire councils while fire crews worked through the night to pump water.

‘Badly affected’

The Asda supermarket and Odeon cinema, also on Queen’s Drive, were evacuated on Monday although there was no flooding in either building.

However, flood water did make its way into nearby Kilmarnock Cricket Club on the other side of the river.

President Mark Colman said the building was “badly affected” but electrical equipment was still working.

He said: “The water has gone down a lot today. I’m questioning what effect the flood prevention scheme is actually having. I’m not sure why the retail areas are expected to flood.

“There’s no water in our building at the moment – it was at the level of the skirting boards but just needs a clean.”

Council workers also set up an emergency centre for anyone who was unable to access their homes – but it was not used.

A council spokeswoman said further information would be made available on how the flood plain works in due course.

A clip of the speedboat in action – posted on Facebook – was watched 14,000 times in 24 hours.

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