How did Dundee help Succession star strike gold?

Brian Cox

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Brian Cox won the award for best actor in a television show for Succession

Dundee-born actor Brian Cox has won his first Golden Globe, with his hometown playing a part in securing the prestigious award.

Cox won the best actor award for his role as media company mogul Logan Roy in the HBO series Succession.

The character is originally from Dundee and last year the show filmed at the city’s new V&A Museum of Design.

The award marks a highlight in a 60-year career for Cox that began in Dundee Repertory Theatre.

Succession shot the Dundee scenes as part of an episode where Logan Roy returns to his hometown to mark the 50th anniversary of his career.

As well as V&A Dundee, the crew filmed at various locations in the city including Magdalen Green.

Dundonian author and screenwriter Neil Forsyth said there was a “real poetry” to Cox receiving the accolade for a “huge American show that has a footprint in Dundee.”

He said: “That’s a sort of microcosm of Brian’s career, really.

“He’s such a proud Dundonian and such a proactive Dundonian in everything he’s done over the years to encourage the arts scene in the city.

“Stuff that he’s done in public life and privately, he’s touched hundreds of careers and been an inspiration to so many people.”

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Cox returned to Dundee to play Broughty Ferry “cheeseburger magnate” Bob Servant

Cox had previously returned to Dundee to play Forsyth’s “cheeseburger magnate” Bob Servant in two series of the BBC Scotland comedy.

Succession’s Logan Roy character was originally born in Quebec, Canada, until the programme makers changed it to Dundee.

Cox told the Live with Kelly and Ryan Show: “I went up to the writer/producer Jesse Armstrong and I said ‘what’s the idea?’

“He said, we thought it would be a surprise, I said it’s a hell of a surprise.”

During a break from filming in the city, Cox took his fellow Succession actors for a tour of his old haunts, including the church where his parents were married.

In 1986 Cox became the first actor to play Hannibal Lecter (then called Lecktor) in Michael Mann’s Manhunter.

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Cox made his first film appearance in 1971

His first film role was playing Leon Trotsky in the 1971 film Nicholas and Alexandra.

He has also played a number of historical roles including Winston Churchill in 2017 movie Churchill and Sir Matt Busby in 2014’s Believe.

In 2009, he appeared in BBC documentary Brian Cox’s Jute Journey where he travelled to Kolkata in the footsteps of the Dundee jute workers who left to seek their fortunes in India.

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