'Feral' Swansea gang jailed for attacking delivery drivers

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Media captionCCTV footage shows the gang waiting for delivery drivers with knives

A “feral” gang ordered takeaways with false names and then lay in wait to rob delivery drivers, a court heard.

Two members also went on to attack a taxi driver and tried to destroy CCTV evidence.

Tamika Rosser, 18, Jack Delaney, 19, and Adrian O’Neil, 20, all admitted robbery and other offences.

At Swansea Crown Court, O’Neil was jailed for four years, while Rosser and Delaney were both jailed for two years and eight months.

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South Wales Police

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(L-R) Jack Delaney, Tamika Rosser and Adrian O’Neil have all been jailed

Rosser, of Mansel Street, Swansea, will serve her sentence in the same prison where her mother is being held.

The court heard on 14 May a woman calling herself “Jade” rang a branch of Domino’s and ordered food to be delivered to flats in Jeffrey’s Court, Penlan.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said Delaney, of Jeffrey’s Court, and O’Neil, of Oystermouth, tried to snatch the bag of food but after a brief “tug of war” with the driver, he retreated to his car still holding the pizzas.

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CCTV captures the defendants heading to meet one of the drivers

The trio, who all have previous convictions, followed their victim and hit him on the knee with a metal bar before taking the food, the court heard.

The same evening, the gang called a second firm and ordered more food.

‘Driven by drugs’

Delaney and O’Neil again met the driver in the foyer armed with knives, demanding money.

The driver managed to knock one of the men down before phoning friends for help.

The next morning, the group ordered a taxi and during the ride, O’Neil grabbed the driver around the throat from behind and “squeezed tightly”, shouting at the driver they had knives and would “cut” him.

Police were alerted to the offences and realising they were in trouble, the group tried to smash CCTV cameras at the block of flats in an attempt to destroy evidence.

Rosser pleaded guilty to robbery, criminal damage and affray, two counts of possessing a bladed article and making threats to kill.

Delaney admitted robbery, two counts of attempted robbery, and one count of criminal damage while O’Neil pleaded guilty to robbery and two counts of attempted robbery.

Rosser’s barrister said her client described her behaviour as “pathetic” and driven by drugs.

David Singh, for Delaney, said he was remorseful, while Huw Davies, for O’Neil asked the judge to bear in mind his young age.

Judge Geraint Walters said the defendants could be described as “feral” youngsters.

“The three of you have no respect for anything or anybody – not even yourselves,” he said.

“Each of you had troubled upbringings but that cannot continue to be used as an excuse for serious anti-social behaviour which seems to know no limits and which, if anything, seems to be increasing in seriousness.”

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