Climate change 'blueprint' for Wales launched

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The Welsh Government has already declared a “climate emergency”

A five-year blueprint to tackle climate change in Wales has been launched by the Welsh Government.

Prosperity for All: A Climate Conscious Wales sets out plans to improve flood defences, secure water supplies, and other environmental improvements.

Environment minister Lesley Griffiths said the plan is “challenging”.

But Welsh Conservative Andrew RT Davies said “questions must be answered” over if the plans are “workable” and “economically viable”.

The plans build on the climate emergency declaration made earlier this year and Wales’ first climate change conference, the Welsh Government said.

Ms Griffiths added: “But we must all adapt and we must all commit to protect our nation for current and future generations.

“Success will mean Wales is a climate conscious nation, aware of the risks facing us, whilst being prepared and ready to adapt to the impacts before they occur.”

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Environment minister Lesley Griffiths said “we must all adapt”

The proposals include:

  • Building defences to guard against flooding and coastal erosion
  • Protecting water supplies from drought
  • Reducing the use of pesticides
  • Growing more woodland
  • Creating more open spaces
  • The creation of 25,000 more energy efficient homes by 2021

Environment spokesman for the Welsh Conservatives in the assembly, Mr Davies said: “The devil, as ever, is not only in the detail, but also in the practical application of any plan.

“Questions that must be answered include is it workable? Is it economically viable?”

He said the Welsh Labour government’s record on the environment “has been appalling”.

Plaid Cymru said the blueprint was “more of the all-talk, no-action approach” from Labour.

“Emissions have risen in Wales and tree planting targets cut, we don’t need more plans, we need delivery,” said Plaid’s assembly environment spokesman, Llyr Gruffyd.

The Brexit Party’s Mark Reckless said he welcomed the “continued cross-party approach and support” for his party’s proposals to “increase tree planting outside the EU’s anti-environmental agricultural policy”.

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