Did Katy Perry mock Donald Trump & Theresa May at the Brits?

Katy Perry was joined on stage at the Brit awards by two giant puppet skeletons – and you’re not alone if you thought they looked familiar.

Many viewers commented on the similarity between the puppets, and Donald Trump and Theresa May.

The skeletons’ outfits were similar to the ones worn by the British and American leaders when they met in Washington in January.

One wore a dark suit and red tie, while the other wore a red blazer and skirt.

Katy has not confirmed that the skeletons were meant to be Donald Trump and Theresa May, but she did retweet an Idolator post on Twitter which stated it as fact.

Katy Perry

Image caption Katy Perry’s skeletons were dressed very similarly to Donald Trump and Theresa May

The skeletons even held hands like Donald Trump and Theresa May did during their meeting.

Skeletons during Katy Perry's Brits set
Donald Trump and Theresa May

Image caption Donald Trump and Theresa May were photographed holding hands in January

Katy Perry performed her current single Chained To The Rhythm alongside Skip Marley, grandson of reggae legend Bob Marley.

During the performance one of Katy’s dancers, dressed as a house, fell off the Brits stage and into the audience.

She previously performed the song, which she describes as “purposeful pop”, at the 2017 Grammy Awards, where she wore a armband with the message ‘persist’ written on it.

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