Azealia Banks: Irish fans react to 'inbred' comments

Azealia Banks on stage

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“I can’t justify seeing her again, I don’t think she’s welcome back in Ireland…”

Irish fans have reacted to Azealia Banks’ controversial comments, which she made on Instagram following a sold out gig in Dublin.

The rapper used the phrase “inbred leprechauns” and asked “don’t you have a famine to go die in?”

Three fans who were at the gig have given Newsbeat their reaction to the since-deleted posts.

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Before the gig the star had already got into an altercation with Aer Lingus where she called Irish women “ugly”.

But this didn’t appear to stop fans going to the concert in the Academy.

‘We knew she was a bit of a loose cannon’

Mary, 27, from Kilkenny, has followed Banks since her track 212, released back in 2011.

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Mary Gray

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Niamh (left) and Mary said Azealia’s comments “left a sour taste” after an amazing show

“At the show she dedicated a song to the beautiful Irish women in the crowd. It was like a public apology. Everyone cheered and accepted it.

“The energy and charisma she had on stage was incredible, we felt like we were in an underground nightclub in New York.”

However Mary’s views changed the following day after seeing the comments.

“It was a real pity. I don’t see how anyone would have respect for her after she mocked our culture and past. I’m definitely not a fan anymore.

Azealia’s famine comments refer to the Irish Potato Famine between 1845 and 1849 in which one million people are believed to have died from starvation.

“I don’t think she’s welcome back in Ireland.”

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Killian Wallace

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Killian loves her music but says Azealia Banks makes it “really hard to like her”

‘Even my granddad now knows who she is’

Killian is 17 from Dublin and thinks Azealia Banks might have simply been seeking attention.

“She saw the publicity she got from the Aer Lingus comments and thought she’d carry on because her future gigs weren’t sold out.

“Since the comments her Manchester gig has sold out, they even released extra tickets.”

He added: “She was giving as bad as she got, some of the things being said to her were utterly disgusting too.”

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Danni Ronan

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One of Danni’s photos from the gig

‘Her whole attitude is super two-faced’

Danni Ronan is 23 from Dublin and was covering the gig for a local magazine.

Danni thought the rapper was acting differently on stage, compared to her comments both before and after.

“At one point she seemed really concerned that some of the audience were going faint but as soon as the gig was over she went straight back to her hate.”

She added: “Her security guard was on stage the whole time. He was standing at the back on the left of the stage.”

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