AA calls for crackdown on sharing dashcam video

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New rules may be needed to control the use of video taken by dashboard cameras, the AA has warned.

Motorists who persistently share dashcam video could be accused of voyeurism, according to the motoring organisation.

It said too many drivers post videos on social media without considering the impact on the motorists shown.

In many cases drivers are pilloried for actions that are not their fault, the AA said.

As many as 15% of British motorists now use a dashcam, according to a poll of AA members, with one in a hundred planning to share their footage on social media like YouTube.

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Media caption‘Driver rams family car on A140’ footage

Edmund King, the AA president, told The Times: “While most drivers with dashcams fit them to protect themselves from ‘crash for cash’ fraudsters or dangerous drivers, there is an element of vehicular voyeurism from some individuals.”

The motoring organisation said it was not in favour of banning dashcam use, but said the next government should consider tighter rules, like those in force in other European countries:

  • In Luxembourg, dashcam use is prohibited
  • In Germany and Austria their use is “highly discouraged”
  • In Portugal and Belgium users need the other person’s permission to share video online
  • In Italy, number plates are private, and must be blurred in footage

On the other hand, the AA said sharing footage of bad driving can have its advantages.

Such publicity can send a warning to stupid and irresponsible drivers, it said. The organisation recommends sending such footage to the police, who can investigate any incident fairly.

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