France seeks arrest of Saudi king's daughter

A street sign of the Avenue Foch in the 16th sub-district of Paris (file photo)

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The incident allegedly happened at an apartment in Paris’s 16th arrondissement in September 2016

A French judge has issued an arrest warrant for Princess Hassa bint Salman, the daughter of the Saudi king.

Princess Hassa is accused of ordering her bodyguard to beat up a worker at her apartment on Avenue Foch in Paris.

The victim of the alleged assault says he took a photo of the room he was due to work on and was suspected of wanting to sell the images, French media say.

The bodyguard has already been charged in relation to the incident, which took place in 2016.

The alleged victim claims he was punched, tied up and forced to kiss the princess’s feet, and was only able to leave the apartment several hours later, according to AFP.

Princess Hassa, whose brother is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, was reported at the time to have fled France shortly after the incident.

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