Traffic chaos at Nevis Range and Glencoe ski centres

Man running along road at Glencoe

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Traffic was at a standstill on the road towards Glencoe on Saturday morning

Snowsports enthusiasts heading to some of Scotland’s most popular ski centres faced traffic jams up to six miles long.

Police urged people heading to Nevis Range or Glencoe Mountain Resort to turn back.

Car parks at both resorts were full and surrounding roads were experiencing serious traffic problems.

As well as lengthy tailbacks, abandoned cars were blocking the path of gritters.

Insp Jen Valentine told people to remove abandoned cars – or they would be seized.

“We understand that there is currently a six mile tailback of traffic heading towards Glencoe,” she said.

“Unfortunately drivers have decided to abandon their cars on the approach road as the car park is full, which is obstructing gritter vehicles trying to get through.

“Similarly at Nevis Range, cars are also being abandoned on the access road and there is a risk that tailbacks may affect the A82.

“These abandoned cars at both centres are posing a risk so I am urging anyone who has left their car to return and move it. Any cars not moved will be seized.

“It is great that so many people are wanting to take advantage of the good weather and skiing available in our area however, public safety on the roads is crucial and has to be our priority.”

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There were lengthy tailbacks at Glencoe as people tried to get on the slopes

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These skiers were determined to park at Nevis Range

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It was a busy day on the slopes at Nevis Range

It came after Nevis Range reported “amazing conditions and great skiing” following several days of snowfall across Scotland.

Glencoe Mountain Resort also predicted an “awesome day” after overnight snow.

In a statement on its Facebook page later, the Glencoe centre thanked skiers for their “patience” on the roads.

“Unfortunately despite having staff working all night we struggled to stay on top of the fresh snowfall,” it said.

“For those that made it up the mountain we hope you had a good day.”

They added that heavy snowfall and a south-east wind was forecast for Sunday and they did not expect to be so busy.

Meanwhile skiers who managed to get on the slopes took to social media to praise the conditions, with one saying he had “never seen such good snow at Glencoe”.

Another admitted there was a “crazy traffic jam” but Glencoe did not disappoint.

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