Newspaper headlines: Pensioner in 'home struggle' murder arrest

Mirror front page 5th April

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The Mirror says there is “fury” over the arrest of a 78-year-old suspected of murder, named locally as Richard Osborn-Brooks.

Express front page 5th April

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His detention over the death of a 38-year-old suspected burglar is also carried on the front of the Express.

Mail front page 5th April

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The Mail says Mr Osborn-Brooks and his disabled wife were sleeping when two intruders entered their home in Hither Green, south east London.

Metro front page 5th April

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Neighbour support for the pensioner is the focus on the front of the Metro. The paper says some members of the community claim he should not be punished for “defending his home”.

Telegraph front page 5th April

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Mr Osborn-Brooks’s arrest is also the Telegraph’s lead. The paper says MPs and victims’ groups are questioning the justice system after the alleged altercation.

Times front page 5th April

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The Times claims security services now know the source of the nerve agent used to poison Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The paper says the UK knew about the lab where the novichok chemical was made before the attack on 4 March. It also reports officials believe Russia carried out tests to see if the substance could be used in assassinations.

Guardian front page 5th April

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Men are paid more than women at 80% of firms that have submitted their gender pay figures, the Guardian reports. The paper says out of an estimated 9,000 companies required to publish data almost a third reported a pay gap above the national average.

Financial Times front page 5th April

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The Financial Times reports the French owner of Peugeot will invest £100m to make new vans in Luton. It says PSA’s chief executive, Carlos Tavares, admits Brexit remains a “concern” but revealed the UK government had assured the company it would seek frictionless trade with Europe. The move follows spending announcements by Nissan, Toyota and BMW.

Star front page 5th April

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The death of a “three lions legend” makes the Star’s lead. Ex-England captain Ray Wilkins died in hospital at the age of 61 on Wednesday.

Sun front page 5th April

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The Sun reports a second rape claim against Pippa Middleton’s father-in-law, David Matthews. His spokesman has categorically denied the allegation and “contests the untrue and scandalous accusation”.

Several papers lead on the arrest of a 78-year-old man on suspicion of murdering a suspected burglar, named locally as Richard Osborn-Brooks.

The Metro says he apparently stabbed the intruder in a struggle in his home in south east London.

The Daily Mail says the case will reignite the debate about the rights of homeowners to defend themselves.

Elsewhere, an explanation of the law as it currently stands is given by the Sun.

It says people can use reasonable force to protect themselves and others in their own homes. The paper adds individuals are only likely to be prosecuted if “very excessive force” has been used.

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Writing in the Daily Mirror, the shadow home secretary, Diane Abbott, accuses the government of “being in denial” about the rise in serious crime in London.

She suggests ministers need to address the role social media plays in fuelling violence, and says Labour would recruit more police.

This is a dangerous moment for the prime minister, the i suggests. The Tories consider themselves the party of law and order but “should remember that such reputations can be lost,” the paper says.

‘Nicest guy in football’

Other front pages take the opportunity to pay tribute to the ex-England captain, Ray Wilkins, who has died at the age of 61.

The Daily Star calls him a “Three Lions Legend”.

The Mirror says “Butch”, as Wilkins was known, was loved by fans for his “huge ability on the pitch, and “treasured by colleagues” for his kindness and generosity off it.

Wilkins’ former club Chelsea described him as one of the nicest guys in football, reports the Sun.

It recalls how, when Wilkins became a manager, one of his trainees wanted to phone his mum after he made his debut only to find Wilkins had paid for her to travel to the ground as a surprise.

Free school meals gap

Fat-related NHS admissions have doubled in four years, according to the Sun.

It says “tubby women” are fuelling the rise accounting for two thirds of the 617,000 admissions last year.

The i, meanwhile, focuses on those potentially going hungry, as it suggests that up to 100,000 children from low-income families could lose out on free school meals.

The Institute for Fiscal studies, which provided the figure, blames the government’s decision not to take inflation into account when working out who is entitled to the meals in coming years.

And finally, the Daily Express reports the England team at the Commonwealth Games was confused with the Gambia in the competition’s souvenir guide.

In its editorial, the Times says England should be flattered by the mix-up.

Granted, the Gambia has only ever won one Commonwealth medal, but it has done so while being the 15th poorest country in the world.

In addition, it says, the Gambia boasts “cool music, cool people and a cool flag. What’s not to like?”

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