Midrar Ali: Parents lose court appeal over baby's treatment

Midrar Ali

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Midrar Ali was starved of oxygen at birth

Doctors can stop providing medical treatment for a brain dead baby, the Court of Appeal has ruled.

The three appeal judges analysed evidence on four-month-old Midrar Ali after a High Court judge concluded that treatment could be withdrawn.

His parents had urged medics to continue treatment, saying he was showing “signs of life”.

Doctors at St Mary’s Hospital in Manchester said Midrar should be allowed a “kind and dignified death”.

Mrs Justice Lieven, who analysed evidence at a trial in the Family Division of the High Court in Manchester last month, had concluded that Midrar was brain-stem dead.

Midrar’s parents had asked appeal judges to overturn this ruling.

But the three appeal judges dismissed their challenge, saying stopping the treatment was in Midrar’s best interest.

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Family Handout

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Midrar Ali’s parents wanted his treatment to continue

Midrar was starved of oxygen when the umbilical cord came out ahead of his birth, causing complications.

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, which runs St Mary’s Hospital, has previously said that Midrar has always been on a ventilator and has never breathed independently.

It said his organs were deteriorating and continuing to treat Midrar was “undignified”.

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