Coronavirus traps Scots in Tenerife hotel

Stephen Diamond

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Stephen Diamond thought he would be at the hotel for just one night

A group of 10 Scots who should have left Tenerife on Monday have been trapped in a hotel because of coronavirus.

Stephen Diamond and his wife Lynn were with a group, which also includes a couple from Derbyshire, whose flight was disrupted by sandstorms.

They were meant to be put up at the hotel for just one night, but it has now been hit by a Covid-19 outbreak.

They are now unable to leave and do not know when they can travel.

Stephen told BBC Reporting Scotland how his unexpected stay at the Costa Adeje Palace Hotel began.

“We were due to come home on Monday and our flight got cancelled. So Jet2 put us up in a hotel. So we arrived here on Monday night after 10 o’clock.

“Then we got up on Tuesday morning to get ready to go back to the airport but there was a letter put under our door that we couldn’t leave the hotel – that something had happened.”

Medical supplies

With what should have been a one-week stay in the sun extending into its second week, Stephen says there has been no indication of how long the situation will continue.

Some people who may have come into contact with Covid-19 have had a 14-day quarantine.

“We’re getting treated fine, everything’s smashing. We’re getting fed. We just go down to the foyer and there’s people sitting there who’ll talk to you if you want to know anything.

“The only thing is nobody’s said how long we’re going to be here… but everything else is great.”

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Stephen and Lynn can at least see the outside world – and the sea – from their room

Stephen has Type 2 Diabetes but he said arrangements had been made to ensure everyone gets the medication they need.

And he praised the hotel staff who have been left to cope.

“The hotel staff that have been here since Monday are still here, the same ones that were on shift on Monday.

“So they must be really tired but they’ve been great.”

Continuing lockdown

Some guests at the four star hotel have been staying in their rooms, while others have been using the public areas including the sun terrace.

But no-one is allowed to leave the hotel.

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The public areas of the hotel are visibly quiet

“I would just like to know how long we’re going to be in lockdown for, because we’ve still not really been told,” Stephen says.

“We were in contact with the British consulate yesterday and they’ve just told us to keep our heads down and so they know where we are so that’s fine.”

With most of those stranded in Tenerife having expected to be back at work after their holiday, employers have been warned they are unlikely to return soon.

Stephen says that he and Lynn have at least been able to sort that out.

“We’ve spoken to our works and they’ve been great about it and so we’re OK in that department just now.”

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