YouTube deletes more 'pick-up artist' videos

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YouTube has deleted more videos by so-called “pick-up artists” due to “violative sexual content”

YouTube has deleted more videos by so-called “pick-up artists”, who teach men how to pick up women.

Another seven videos have been deleted and three channels have been terminated due to “violative sexual content”.

On Sunday, YouTube removed over a hundred videos for violating its rules on nudity and sexual conduct.

The platform deleted the videos a day before a BBC Scotland investigation into the global seduction industry was published.

The channels banned on Thursday belonged to so-called “pick-up artists” based in Australia, England, and Lithuania, and had 80,000 subscribers combined.

The remaining videos were uploaded by men in the USA.

The platform’s policy states that channels receive three “strikes” before accounts are terminated.

‘Refining our policies’

A YouTube spokesman confirmed the deletion after the contents of the videos was flagged by BBC Scotland’s investigations unit.

He said: “YouTube strictly prohibits explicit sexual, graphic or harassing content and we review and take action on content when flagged.

“Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of our community, and we will continue to review and refine our policies in this area.”

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Adnan Ahmed was convicted of five counts of threatening and abusive behaviour towards young women

The videos removed on Sunday, for violating YouTube’s rules on nudity and sexual conduct, were linked to channels highlighted in the BBC investigation – D.W.L.F Game and Street Attraction.

They included what the men say are secret recordings of women having sex.

In September, Adnan Ahmed, who ran the D.W.L.F Game channel and called himself Addy A-Game, was convicted of five counts of threatening and abusive behaviour towards young women.

Street Attraction insisted they had done nothing wrong.

Watch the Panorama and Disclosure documentaries on iPlayer now.

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