UK's first boot camp hopes to reform teenage hackers

The National Crime Agency has started the UK’s first ‘rehab’ course for hackers.

The first classes held in Bristol aim to explain to attendees what is illegal online.

While the UK has ‘rehab’ for drug misuse and education classes for poor drivers it has not had similar schemes for hackers.

The NCA says the average age of a person arrested for cyber crime is 17 and many would benefit from applying their skills in the security industry.

BBC Click’s Dan Simmons spoke to some of the offenders.

You can see the report in full on Click over the weekend of July 29 and 30, 2017 on BBC World News, the BBC News Channel and BBCiPlayer (UK only)

This week BBC News is taking a close look at all aspects of cyber-security. The coverage is timed to coincide with the two biggest shows in the security calendar – Black Hat and Def Con.

We will have further features and videos on Wednesday, and then coverage from the two Las Vegas-based events over the following days.

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