Nintendo to release Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on phones in November

Nintendo has announced that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for smartphones will be released in November.

The move could increase profits from the Japanese company’s mobile phone business.

Although it is free to play, it will include an option to pay a small amount of money for in-app purchases.

The game, which was first designed for the Nintendo 64 console, will now be available on iPhones and Android smartphones.

People got a bit excited when they heard the news.

Animal Crossing has been a real success story for Nintendo and has attracted younger gamers.

The game is based around being the mayor of your own town and you can spend your time how you like.

This can range from collecting items, planting things, selling stuff you’ve collected, customising your character’s clothes, your home and some of the places around you.

The characters are all cartoony animals with unique personalities.

People playing Pokemon Go.

Gaming blogger Nick Hickman told Newsbeat: “Players of the game have reacted positively to the endlessly customisable nature of the towns you can create.

“There are lots of people who still play it even now, years after it first came out.

“Given the initial success of Pokemon Go and the financial success (although not quite breaking the zeitgeist like Pokemon did) of Mario Run and Fire Emblem heroes, people are excited for Nintendo to publish more games on mobile making them much more accessible.

“Nintendo usually only puts their games on their own machines, so breaking from that tradition and allowing games they’ve made on a platform that everyone has is quite a big deal.”

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