Storm Dennis: Woman rescued by Virginia Crosbie MP

Virginia Crosbie

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Virginia Crosbie

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Virginia Crosbie won the hotly contested seat of Anglesey by 355 votes in December’s general election

A woman who has repeatedly “bad-mouthed” her MP on Twitter was rescued by her during Storm Dennis in an “awkward” encounter.

Constituent Siobhan Davies flagged down a car in Rhosneigr, Anglesey, on Sunday driven by MP Virginia Crosbie.

Ms Davies tweeted after: “So. Awkward moment. I have bad-mouthed Virginia Crosbie so many times on social media.

“Tonight in gale force winds I thumbed a random car down for a lift home – who stopped? Yup. The woman herself.”

The Conservative Ynys Môn MP, who won the hotly-contested seat by 355 votes in December’s general election, replied: “I was glad to help get you home safely”.

Ms Davies tweeted back: “Thank you and your husband. It was nasty weather and you got me out of it. I’m home safe and warm and eternally grateful. So… how do you feel about Welsh independence?!”

The exchange resulted in numerous responses on Twitter. One said: “I hope this will make you think twice about being rude to or about others on social media. Everyone’s human, you know.”

Ms Davies replied: “Lesson learned!”

She told BBC 5 live she had flagged down the car on the 2km (1.2-mile) walk from the train station to her house after getting caught up in the stormy weather and did not realise who the woman was until she asked her name.

“I did apologise for not voting for her and the criticisms I’ve levelled in the past,” she said, adding: “Thank you so much Virginia, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’m deeply, deeply sorry its taken a lift home for me to realise that kindness transcends politics.”

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