Tessa Thompson: 'No conflict' with Lena Dunham

Thor actress Tessa Thompson says comments she made about Lena Dunham on Instagram were misinterpreted.

It’s after the Girls creator appeared in a group photo supporting the Time’s Up campaign – which aims to helps victims of sexual assault.

Thompson, who was also in the picture, described Dunham’s presence at the shoot as “a surprise to us all.”

People were questioning the Girls star inclusion in the photo because of previous comments she’d made about sexual abuse.

Tessa Thompson has now released a statement saying: “I regret that my words were misinterpreted.”

“A response I made to comments I made on an Instagram post became fodder for a piece that I believe was designed to create conflict where there isn’t any.”

She went on to say that the two actresses have spoken about it and she “knows my heart.”

“I in no way want to diminish Lena Dunham, her work, her voice and her importance.”

Twitter statement from Tessa Thompson

Image caption Twitter statement in full from Tessa Thompson

Dunham has only just returned to social media after leaving last year following criticism for publicly supporting Girls writer Murray Miller, who was accused of sexual assault.

Mr Miller has denied the claims. Dunham apologised at the time.

The original photo of the Time’s Up Campaign remains on Lena Dunham’s Instagram, but the comments section has been switched off.

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