Sherlock star's appeal over dad's 'precious' toy pedal car

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Lousie Brealey

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The 70-year-old toy car was stolen in burglary earlier this week from Keith Brealey’s home

One of the stars of Sherlock has appealed for the return of her father’s “most precious possession”, a 70-year-old toy pedal car.

Louise Brealey, who played lovestruck morgue registrar Molly Hooper in the BBC series, said his garage in Raunds, Northamptonshire, was broken into on 12 November.

Keith Brealey, 71, had his 1949 Austin Pathfinder stolen among other items.

The star said: “It’s worse than losing something yourself. He’s heartbroken.”

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Louise Brealey starred alongside Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch in 12 episodes of Sherlock

The actor added: “His mum, who died when dad was a teen, had saved up for months to buy him an Austin Pathfinder pedal car. He has owned it for 70 years.”

It is “basically the Penny Black of the pedal car world”, she said.

Since the actress put out the appeal on Twitter it has been shared over 9500 times.


She has received support from the likes of poet Pam Ayres, writer Caitlin Moran and actor Prasanna Puwanarajah.

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Louise Brealey played the character of Molly Hooper who had an apparent crush on Sherlock

Brealey, who also starred in Ripper Street and is an accomplished writer, posted a picture of a restored version of the car.

But said that her father’s was “very rusty trusty old friend” and “was loved hard and showed it”.

“Police are trying their best, but he’s desolate,” she added.

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An restored Austin Pathfinder auctioned earlier this year, the one taken from Raunds was “rusty and loved hard” according to Louise Brealey

A Northamptonshire police spokeswoman said it is investigating and believes the thieves were driving a Peugeot SUV.

She is asking anyone with information to call them.

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