Irish newspaper mistakes Stormzy for new Manchester United player Romelu Lukaku

An Irish newspaper has mistaken Stormzy for Romelu Lukaku, who’s due to move from Everton to Manchester United.

The Herald ran a photo of the grime star with the headline: “Lukaku is ready for work.”

The Belgian forward, 24, is due to complete his £75m move after passing a medical at Manchester United.

Photos of him in his new club’s official kit haven’t been released yet, so the newspaper in Ireland decided to use an old picture of him.

Trouble is, it was actually Stormzy – who’s actually a Manchester United fan.

The Irish Herald has now apologised for the mistake.

It’s not the first time people have mixed the two up, or pointed out similarities between them.

Stormzy has reacted to this latest mistake, and it’s safe to say he is not impressed.

One Twitter user said Stormzy’s twin brother was playing for Manchester United after the grime artist had congratulated Wayne Rooney on his move to Everton.

The journalist who wrote the piece has explained what happened on Twitter.

In 2014, Stormzy even pointed out the similarities in a tweet.

The grime artist was also asked about the similarities on Channel 4′s Sunday Brunch earlier this year.

He said: “I’m not going to lie, every time I see him, I just look at it and think… yeah, you do mate.”

The photo which the Irish Herald used looks like it was from an interview Stormzy did with Soccer Bible last year.

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