Boardmasters: Two Door Cinema Club on their ‘huge moment’

Two Door Cinema Club have headlined Boardmasters, calling it their ‘biggest festival moment” to date.

After a gloomy day, the rain eased as the band played a mix of old and new to the crowd in Cornwall.

Speaking to Newsbeat, lead singer Alex Trimble said: “We’ve headlined bits and pieces but we’ve never done anything quite this high profile and never in the UK.”

Flaming Lips, Slaves and Lucy Rose also performed on Friday.

Two weeks ago, Two Door Cinema Club were forced to abandon their set at Y Not festival due to bad weather.

Things didn’t get off to a good start at Boardmasters either when Alex and bandmate Kevin Baird found out their flight to Newquay was cancelled.

“They offered us an eight hour replacement bus service for a plane,” said Kevin.

They declined the bus and took a six-hour train journey from London.

Things were slightly easier for third band member Sam Halliday.

“I had a bit more of a journey of self-discovery. I’ve been here all week in a spa hotel, just chilling,” he said.

After ten years of touring, the band say a recent spurt of smaller UK festivals has provided a great platform.

As well as Boardmasters, they recently headlined Wilderness too.

“There’s a lot of great newish bands – if we’re still allowed to be called a newish band – that don’t get a chance to headline,” said Kevin.

“There can be a few stock headliners a bit over and over again. So these smaller festivals give younger bands a chance.”

Alex argues it would be great “for festivals to take a few more chances on more acts”.

He says festivals are booked so far in advance that “it’s difficult to know who is going to come through in years to come because music moves so fast”.

Two Door Cinema Club

Image caption Two Door Cinema Club have been festival favourites since the release of their debut album in 2010

The group have now been together 10 years, and are currently promoting their third studio album, Gameshow, released in 2016.

However, their set at Boardmasters began with three songs from their 2010 debut, Tourist History (Cigarettes in the Theatre, Undercover Martyn and Do You Want It All?)

Alex, wearing some eye-catching leopard print platform shoes, told the crowd: “What a glorious day we’re having.”

Kevin from the band also revealed he’s on the hunt for some new TV shows to binge on.

“I rewatched Master Of None recently. It’s amazing. I’ve a big fan of Aziz Ansari and each episode is completely different.

“When we’re on tour, the headphones go in and I just download everything.”

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