The parenting method that lets kids make the decisions

Would you take your kids out of school and let them decide what to learn, what to eat and when to go to bed?

Mum of three Vickie, from Hull, practices ‘unschooling’ with her children.

It is a parenting method that lets kids make their own decisions.

“Unschooling is more about freedom,” Vickie said.

“Everyone kind of presumes that they must go to bed at 3:00am and eat sweets all day,” she added, “but because the kids haven’t had those restrictions, it’s not a big thing.”

Vickie feels ‘unschooling’, which does not follow the curriculum, and home education are not the same thing.

The Department for Education said ‘Parents have a right to teach their children at home but all children must get a safe and suitable education’.

This clip is originally from BBC Radio 5 live.

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